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Etched and Sandblasted Glass

Use a sandblaster that's powered by an air compressor with an abrasive like sand, to frost, carve, and cut into glass. Also Cut designs in glass beads. Can do almost any material: clay, stone, metal, or any material with a hard surface.

There are two different styles of sandblasters

The Siphon Sandblaster

has a simple container or hopper that holds the sand (abrasive material). All of the action happens in the hand held gun. As compressed air is released out of the nozzle, a vacuum is created a couple inches from the nozzle. The sand tube is attached at this point, and the vacuum sucks sand into the compressed air stream. Out comes a mixture of air and sand. The grains of sand hit the glass and chip out a small piece of the surface therefore "sandblasting" the glass or what ever material.
  • Advantages Costs less than a pressure blaster. There is a lot of control. There is a button on the hand held gun. You can quickly turn on and off the spray. The entire device is simple and easier to maintain than the pressure system listed below.
  • Disadvantages The system is not as powerful as the pressure system below. Surface blasting is no problem, but deep carving into the glass takes longer than with the pressure system below.

The Pressure Sandblaster

has a sand container that is closed and pressurized. The mixing of the air and sand happens a few inches below the sand hopper. The sand/air mixture travels through a hose until it leaves at the nozzle.
  • Advantages This sandblaster is more powerful and can carve deeper and faster than the Siphon System described above.
  • Disadvantage Costs more than a siphon blaster. There is no simple on/off. Once you get the system adjusted and going, it stays on. The system is more finicky, subject to clogging and continuous adjusting.

Replacement Parts
Replacement ceramic nozzle
Replacement ceramic nozzle for item 37025, 9588, 6W617, and the new style 30979. It may also work or your sandblaster. - one nozzle
Ceramic nozzle

replacement steel nozzle for sandblaster

Replacement steel nozzle for sandblaster #30979. You may need one or both. Both parts will eventually wear out. The starting size hole for the #309791 is 3/16" and the starting hole size for the #309792 is 5/64".

Steel nozzle
$9.00 per style

Sand Blasting Gun
(for siphon feed equipment).
Ceramic nozzle included.
1) compressed air hose
2) tube to deliver abrasive
# 6W617 $59
Out of Stock

sandblast replacement nozzle carbide

Three piece Replacement nozzle set including one long lasting TUNGSTEN CARBIDE nozzle for 6W617. Besides the Tungsten Carbide tip wearing out, the other two parts need to be replaced.

#6W619 Replacement Nozzle for 6W617 - Tungsten Carbide

Click Here for Clear Glass for Sandblasting

SP3373-1 sandcarving-sandblasting-tipReplacement ceramic nozzle for FS1521-EACH 3.2mm
SP3373-10 Replacement ceramic nozzle for FS1521-pack of 10 3.2mm

utility knife set
Order #  Description  RETAIL
 813PK Set of 3 Utility Knifes with 11 Blades - use to cut out your design - cuts through all resist types $7.50

sandblasting resistsSandblasting Resists
For medium carving sandblasting (Venture)- Adhesive Backed - (contains PVC)
 R812C   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - Clear 12" x 12"
off roll
 R812W   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - White 12" x 12" off roll $3
  R812C60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - Clear, per roll 12" x 54
foot roll
Sale Price

  R818C60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 18" wide - Clear, per roll
18" x 54
foot roll
Sale Price

Out Of Stock
  R812W60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - White, per roll 12" x 54
foot roll
Sale Price

   R818W60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 18" wide - White, per roll
18" x 54
foot roll

Why a Clear and a White Resist Material?

tyvek coverallsSandblast Coveralls
Light weight Tyvek material, goes over clothing, with attached hood and booties
Coveralls SIZE Price Each
4T049 Coveralls with hood and booties Large 14.50
4T049-6 Coveralls with hood and booties - Box of 6 Large $72
4T832 Coveralls with hood and booties XX Large 14.50
4T832-6 Coveralls with hood and booties - Box of 6 XX Large $72

sandblasting workshopSandblasting Workshop

This class is directed toward sandblasting as a special design technique for fused and slumped glass and for architectural glass or any type of sandblasting. Click Here for lots of details. Tuition $550

etched art
See Examples of Etched Art

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