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Etched and Sandblasted Glass

Use a sandblaster that's powered by an air compressor with an abrasive like sand, to frost, carve, and cut into glass. Also Cut designs in glass beads. Can do almost any material: clay, stone, metal, or any material with a hard surface.

utility knife set
Order #  Description  RETAIL
 813PK Set of 3 Utility Knifes with 11 Blades - use to cut out your design - cuts through all resist types $7.50

sandblasting resistsSandblasting Resists
For medium carving sandblasting (Venture)- Adhesive Backed - (contains PVC)
 R812W   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - White 12" x 12" off roll $3
Out Of Stock
  R812C60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - Clear, per roll 12" x 54
foot roll
Sale Price

Out Of Stock
  R818C60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 18" wide - Clear, per roll
18" x 54
foot roll
Sale Price

Out Of Stock
  R812W60   Vinyl - 8 mill thick - 12" wide - White, per roll 12" x 54
foot roll
Sale Price

Out Of Stock

Why a Clear and a White Resist Material?
  • The white resist allows you to draw on or carbon paper your design on to the white surface.
  • The clear resist allows you to see your pattern through the resist and clear glass so you can cut out your design without transferring the pattern as with the white resist.

etched art
See Examples of Etched Art

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